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Factors That Affect Implant Cost

For patients who are missing teeth, mini dental implants provide a way to hold your removable dentures in place. When calculating your mini dental implants cost in Sacramento, CA , Dr. Andrea Joy Smith will need to consider several factors such as:

• If bone loss has occurred
• If a sinus lift is required
• If the gum tissue is healthy
• If extractions are necessary

Long-Term Savings With Mini Implants


Why Should I Replace A Missing Tooth?

  • When a tooth falls out, the surrounding bone will atrophy.
  • Remaining teeth are then supported by a weakened jaw.
  • The remaining teeth then must do extra work and may shift.
  • The remaining teeth may then be lost.
  • Bridges and partials can increase your risk for tooth loss.

Is Bone Grafting Necessary?

In many cases, mini dental implants can be placed without a bone graft. However, if severe deterioration has occurred, it may still be necessary. This can happen as a result of gum disease or if you have been missing teeth for a long period of time. The need for a bone graft will increase the overall cost of your implant procedure.

If a Sinus Lift is Necessary

In some cases where missing teeth and bone deterioration have occurred in the upper premolar and molar regions, the vertical height of the bone may be insufficient to support implants. These areas are very close to the maxillary sinus cavities and may require augmentation to allow for implant placement. In order to make room for the dental implants, Dr. Andrea Joy Smith may need to add bone to the upper jaw and sinuses. Before bone can be added, though, the sinus membrane may need to be moved upward to create room. The cost of this procedure will affect the overall dental implant cost.

If the Gum Tissue is Healthy

Severe cases of gum disease can often lead to missing teeth. Since healthy tissue is necessary to support mini dental implants, Dr. Andrea Joy Smith will need to treat gum disease before any implants can be put in place. This will impact the overall cost of implant placement.

If Extractions are Necessary

In some cases, gum disease, decay, and other oral conditions can cause damage that leads to the need for a tooth extraction. If this is the case, any tooth extraction will likely increase your overall mini dental implant cost.

If you are missing teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. To gain a proper estimate on your mini dental implant cost in DFW, contact Dr. Andrea Joy Smith and schedule your consultation today!

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